Regional Scrum GatheringSM Pune, 2021 - Paper Submission Guidelines

Please review all details below to ensure your submission is considered.


Whether you are an experienced agile practitioner or an agile newbie, there is always something to learn and something to share. Regional Scrum Gatherings (RSG) are held all over the world for the agile community to come together to share and learn from each other. Scrum Alliance is the sponsor of these much sought after events.

In September 2021, this event comes to Pune, India where a live virtual event is planned for Sep 4th and 5th 2021. The event will have something for everyone with topics on Business Agility, Coaching, Leadership, Technical Agility, Product Management, and a host of other fun and interesting activities.

We would like to call for the speaker in you, to come forward and start your participation in this excitement right now. You can have the opportunity to share your experience and knowledge, and also learn in the process.

Submissions will be selected with care to form a cohesive and meaningful program for all.

Do not miss the Exciting Opportunity!!

Before making a submission, please read the following instructions carefully.

Before You Start (Please read the following)

Regional Scrum Gatherings are prestigious events where 100s of papers get submitted for a chance of being presented. It goes without saying that the paper should, first of all, have originality in its content. While we will make all attempts to scrutinize the submissions for originality, the organizers, hosts and sponsors would not be responsible for any breach of intellectual property rights caused by a submission by any conference participants.

Also please note that the language medium for the conference will be English.

One has a better chance of having one’s paper selected if

  1. 1.   the submission proposal / abstract conveys a unique handling of the topic, or
  2. 2.   it addresses a topic that is of great or ongoing value to the Agile and Scrum community, or
  3. 3.   it proposes a different way of delivering e.g., an interactive workshop / game simulation.
Detailed Guidelines for Paper submission

Besides asking for some basic personal details (read our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use) the following information needs to be provided (some of that information may be optional)
1. Title – Title should be catchy, to be able to make an instant appeal and excitement.
2. Abstract : The gist of the paper should be such that it creates anticipation and excitement about the topic or the session. Since the Pune conference is going to have multiple tracks running in parallel, this summary should be an ‘elevator pitch’, that will attract audience to your session from amongst the 2 and 3 other sessions happening at the same time.
3. Authors/Speakers - One can establish increased credibility by submitting a professional profile of the authors and speakers. Also, their published works in journals or blogs as well as papers selected / presented in past conferences can be an easy way to attract audiences to the session. Therefore, please provide LinkedIn profile as well as links to other published works. Professional photograph of each author and presenter, on our RSG Pune website would make it more attractive too.
4. Paper ApproachThis should indicate the depth of the paper – beginner, intermediate or advanced, so that it is easier for the audience to judge, the value of the session, for themselves.
5. Type of SessionThis could be Experience sharing, Concept discussion, gaming simulation or a workshop.
6. Logistics needed Please submit the details of virtual conferencing logistics required for the session, particularly if it is in workshop or Gaming format. If there are downloadable material to be used by the audience then pls share such content as well as any instructions of using the same. It would also be useful if you could indicate what stationery etc audience should keep handy while attending the virtual session.
7. Takeaways Please provide 3 - 5 key takeaways or learning outcomes; what can attendees expect to learn / gain from the session.
8. Additional Supporting Material Optionally, please add any additional documentation to support your abstract. This can include items such as a bibliography, links to online videos of the presentation, blog articles.


Submissions Deadline: 30 th April, 2021 at 11:59:59 p.m. (IST)

For any questions, please contact:

Please clearly mention RSG Pune 2021 or RSGP21, in the subject line, for a faster response